Belinda Weaver and Copywrite Matters

Same same but different

I believe good copywriting needs to talk to people. Rationally and emotionally. When your words press all the right buttons, they can motivate action. And great copywriting is all about action.

What do I know about it?

Well, before building Copywrite Matters into a successful copywriting business, I developed and implemented marketing strategies here and overseas. I took many campaigns from idea to execution before realising copywriting was the practice I loved most.

Over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and now I share all my experience through copywriting courses, consultations and speaking.

I’m a massive Dr Who fan. I love yoga, the idea of long-distance running and a good read. Sounds bit nerdy, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Here are some other things about me you might find interesting… or not.

The Copy Detective - professional copywriter in disguise

Introducing…. The Copy Detective

The Copy Detective is a copywriter on a mission. A mission to banish Welcome To My Website from the world of online marketing. Oh yes!

The Copy Detective regularly shows copywriters and business owners how to write in a way that reaches, connects and, most importantly, engages with their customers.

If you write copy or create marketing for your own business, or for other people’s (and you love a new approach to an idea), tune in to The Copy Detective blog.


There is an awesome free cheat sheet when you sign up with my 20 best copywriting tips.


  • Belinda has such a great energetic, creative writing style! It's amazing to work with her and her energy. I plan to hire her many times over.

    Michael Aghajanian
    Boating in Boston

  • Copywrite Matters is not just a business or company because it is so alive and full of positive energy. Creative, smart and very professional.

    Surface Skincare