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Marketing Copywriter - Belinda Weaver

Your marketing needs to get your target market’s attention and motivate them to act, and mediocre copy just doesn’t cut it. The tagline says it all… only the right words work and a professional copywriter will make a difference to the success of your marketing.

What do I know about it?

Well before starting Copywrite Matters, I developed and implemented marketing strategies here and overseas. I learnt what worked and what didn’t and now I offer that experience to you. In real life that means I understand the big picture of your marketing and what it takes to get your message out to right people.

I’m a massive Dr Who fan, I love trying to grow things in my garden, yoga and a good read. Jeez, that sounds a bit nerdy when I say it like that but it’s true. Here are some other things about me you might find interesting… or not.

But enough about me… what about you?

Are you trying to build a community or get some quick sales? Do you need an SEO copywriter for your website or a killer social media bio?

If you want your marketing to stand out and get some action, let’s get the ball rolling. You can read the rules I play by (terms and conditions) here and if you have any questions, check out the FAQ or drop me a line.


The Copy Detective - professional copywriter in disguise

Introducing…. The Copy Detective

The Copy Detective is a copywriter on a mission. A mission to banish Welcome To My Website from the world of online marketing. Oh yes!

Every week The Copy Detective shows business owners how to write about their business so they can touch, connect and most importantly engage with their customers.

If you write copy or create marketing for your own business, or for other people’s (and you love a new approach to an idea) tune in to The Copy Detective blog.

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  • Belinda has transformed the way we communicate with our customers and prospects.

    Paul Gallo

  • Belinda's work is like magic. Thanks so much Belinda. I won't waste time trying to write great copy myself in the future!

    Lissa Holgate