Some Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  • My nickname is Bill and has been since I was 14.Belinda Weaver Professional Copywriter
  • I have an ever changing number of pet chickens [depending on whether it’s fox season or not]
  • My hair is naturally red.
  • During high school, I tap danced my way to teaching qualifications. I thought it would be a good back up career.
  • I’ve never had to rely on those tap dancing qualifications [thank god].
  • I have a completely frustrating and uncontrollable blush response.
  • I’m always surprised when people remember who I am [which makes me blush]
  • I’m super impressed when people remember my name [which makes me blush]
  • I am quite a showpony but I don’t like being the centre of attention [it makes me blush]
  • I don’t like being caught unawares [it makes me blush]
  • I am trying to get better at remembering people’s names using key facts about them. Unfortunately that kinda makes me look stalker-ish too [when I remember those too].
  • I remember all words to the brownie-guides song I learnt when I was 10.
  • I am getting quite good at yoga. Even if I do say so myself.
  • I have never broken a bone nor do I have any allergies.
  • I used to go to Johnny Young’s Talent School and perform in Brisbane’s Queen St Mall during school holidays *jazzhands*.
  • I have two [much] older brothers although they moved out when I was little so I have the selfishness of an only child.
  • My first concert was The Village People [expo 88] and I bloody loved it.
  • I am obsessed with all things Japanese.
  • I have several tattoos and some of them are quite big.
  • I own a kickass sewing machine but I can really only make pencil skirts.
  • I never wear a watch.
  • I am definitely a cat person although I don’t own a cat.
  • People think I’m brave and adventurous but I think they are completely relative terms.
  • I have a BA in IT and I started my career programming software at a bank.
  • I am a completely hopeless romantic. Utterly hopeless.
  • I look for something positive in every situation [my friends call it the PollyAnna syndrome].
  • I am very tactile and gesticulate quite madly when I talk, even when you can’t see me.
  • I’m quite (very) clumsy.
  • When I walk around with my headphones in I imagine that I’m in my own music video.
  • I consume books at an extraordinary rate and love rereading my favourites over and over again.
  • I lived in England for four years. I loved every minute of it but I was still happy to come home.
  • I’ll usually choose savoury over sweet. Usually.
  • I think of my favourite foods in terms of the texture they have. I love crunchy things.
  • I swear. A lot.
  • The more excited I get, the louder I talk [which can make the swearing all the more inappropriate]
  • I am a terrible gardener [I kill with love] but I’m trying to improve.
  • I could watch the Doctor Who series over and over again. And then again. And again.
  • I am a self-confessed dork. And proud of it.
  • I am trying to overcome my fear of spiders so I don’t pass that fear onto future mini-Weavers.
  • I am definitely a gin and tonic girl. And a mojito girl. And a beer girl. I’ll stop there before I look like an alchie.
  • I am very loyal to the people I love and I love people easily.
  • I tap my keyboard really hard and I don’t really know why. It’s clearly not necessary.
  • I am really proud of the work I do.
  • I just can’t seem to tick along at medium pace. I’m always putting more on my plate to see if I can do it.

Are we friends now?

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