Some Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  • My nickname is Bill and has been since I was 14.Belinda Weaver Professional Copywriter
  • I have an ever changing number of pet chickens [depending on whether it’s fox season or not]
  • My hair is naturally red.
  • During high school, I tap danced my way to teaching qualifications. I thought it would be a good back up career.
  • I’ve never had to rely on those tap dancing qualifications [thank god].
  • I have a completely frustrating and uncontrollable blush response.
  • I’m always surprised when people remember who I am [which makes me blush]
  • I’m super impressed when people remember my name [which makes me blush]
  • I am quite a showpony but I don’t like being the centre of attention [it makes me blush]
  • I don’t like being caught unawares [it makes me blush]
  • I am trying to get better at remembering people’s names using key facts about them. Unfortunately that kinda makes me look stalker-ish too [when I remember those too].
  • I remember all words to the brownie-guides song I learnt when I was 10.
  • I am getting quite good at yoga. Even if I do say so myself.
  • I have never broken a bone nor do I have any allergies.
  • I used to go to Johnny Young’s Talent School and perform in Brisbane’s Queen St Mall during school holidays *jazzhands*.
  • I have two [much] older brothers although they moved out when I was little so I have the selfishness of an only child.
  • My first concert was The Village People [expo 88] and I bloody loved it.
  • I am obsessed with all things Japanese.
  • I have several tattoos and some of them are quite big.
  • I own a kickass sewing machine but I can really only make pencil skirts.
  • I never wear a watch.
  • I am definitely a cat person although I don’t own a cat.
  • People think I’m brave and adventurous but I think they are completely relative terms.
  • I have a BA in IT and I started my career programming software at a bank.
  • I am a completely hopeless romantic. Utterly hopeless.
  • I look for something positive in every situation [my friends call it the PollyAnna syndrome].
  • I am very tactile and gesticulate quite madly when I talk, even when you can’t see me.
  • I’m quite (very) clumsy.
  • When I walk around with my headphones in I imagine that I’m in my own music video.
  • I consume books at an extraordinary rate and love rereading my favourites over and over again.
  • I lived in England for four years. I loved every minute of it but I was still happy to come home.
  • I’ll usually choose savoury over sweet. Usually.
  • I think of my favourite foods in terms of the texture they have. I love crunchy things.
  • I swear. A lot.
  • The more excited I get, the louder I talk [which can make the swearing all the more inappropriate]
  • I am a terrible gardener [I kill with love] but I’m trying to improve.
  • I could watch the Doctor Who series over and over again. And then again. And again.
  • I am a self-confessed dork. And proud of it.
  • I am trying to overcome my fear of spiders so I don’t pass that fear onto future mini-Weavers.
  • I am definitely a gin and tonic girl. And a mojito girl. And a beer girl. I’ll stop there before I look like an alchie.
  • I am very loyal to the people I love and I love people easily.
  • I tap my keyboard really hard and I don’t really know why. It’s clearly not necessary.
  • I am really proud of the work I do.
  • I just can’t seem to tick along at medium pace. I’m always putting more on my plate to see if I can do it.

Are we friends now?

Hell yeah but you can take me back now…


  • One thing I really like about the copywriting is how it connects the words to the heart of the business.

    Ruth Dettman
    Meira Coaching & Consulting

  • With Belinda's extensive marketing experience she was able to professionally guide me through the process of identifying my goals, clarifying my needs and writing text for me that reflected my business ideals and aspirations.

    Gael Driessen
    The Sherbrooke Yoga Centre