This copywriter is giving thanks. Heartfelt and a bit mushy.

SEO copywriter Belinda Weaver

The beginning of my attempt to make pumpkin pie: accessorising with the oven mitts.

Thanksgiving was last week. It’s a big holiday in the US and with social media helping us connect with people around the world; you probably noticed some turkey talk pop up in your feeds and on your walls.

I’ve never really taken much interest in Thanksgiving but this year, I was actually in America-land and it’s a bit of a big deal! Just like Christmas, but without Santa.

But it got me thinking and I wanted to take a moment to give thanks.

Thanks to all the inspiring clients I work with.

I love capturing your passion in words.

Thanks to the wonderful businesses who send me their clients.

I value your trust in me.

Thanks to all the clever clogs copywriters I work with.

You help Copywrite Matters say yes more often.

Thanks to all the clever clogs copywriters I am inspired by.

You help me lift my game.

Thanks to my extremely proficient support team.

You make me look good.

Thanks to the friends I’ve made through Copywrite Matters.

I cherish you in my life.

Thanks to the people who chat to me on social media.

I realise now, you’re all weird too.

So this is just a short one but heart felt. Now I throw the question back to you.

What are you thankful for right now?

The Copy Detective

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  • Mel

    Right back at ya Belinda :)

    • Belinda Weaver

      Loving the love!

  • Sam Stone

    Thankful that I have great people in my life.

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